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Let The System Handle Your Headache

GITS creates applications, whether web, cloud, mobile, or desktop based on a person’s idea or by providing a solution based on a specification. Specifications can besupplied to GITS to follow or GITS can create a specification formulating a GITS proposal for a particular task.

Ideas need solutions and it can be a challenge at times to put all the pieces of an idea together to formulate a solution that is not just viable but also productive and achieves the goal of what it is designed to do. Putting the puzzle pieces together is where GITS come in, they take the idea, or ideas and formulate them into a complete solution for the target platform.

GITS have successfully assisted people with bringing their ideas to life which then allows them to form a viable business using the products we developed for them. Some have gone on to be worldwide best selling products in their respected fields.

GITS have developed software including programs that help with building Tunnels, Real Time Data Collection, Location Aware Data Monitoring, Database Systems And Reporting, SMS Systems, SQL Database Solutions, Tablet Based Software, Information Management Systems, Service Management, Artificial Intelligence Based Applications, Reporting Services, Mail Servers, Spam Control Systems, Accounting And Financial Solutions, Packaging And Labeling Applications used in companies and many more.

GITS don't just stop with development they also help clients with business management, implementation, training, I.T. and other requirements they may have, including assisting with marketing and social networking tips, tricks and skills.

how gits Does it

Using the latest development technologies GITS assembles a team if required, or develops the solution in house depending on the requirements. Different jobs require different talents, sometimes requiring graphic designers, to sound engineers, mathematicians or other specialist.

Typically most jobs will begin with a software or web development proposal that GITS prepare after first meeting with the client and working out what they require. The proposal will include costing, user interface overviews, program flows, class definitions, database design and other related information to allow the client to see what will happen during development. The proposal also helps to formulate that what GITS understands the client wants is actually what the client wants.

A good solution requires a solid foundation on which to build on as GITS know from experience all software grows over time. GITS don’t just develop a quick solution for the job at hand but ensure what they design has a solid foundation for future growth. GITS give all source code developed to the client at regular intervals.

GITS break each project into steps, firstly the business modeling in conjunctions with analyzing the requirements of the task at hand. GITS then start work on the coding which is then followed by initial implementation. The software generally then goes through a test phase before it is deployed. At all stages the project is managed closely to ensure it will meet requirements and be delivered on time. Quite often GITS will also assist the client in implementing ideas and concepts above their original idea to fill potential holes GITS may identify during analysis.

GITS employ the right tools for each job, there is not a one tool fits all solution when it comes to GITS and quite often they will use more than one tool to success fulfill a software or web development requirement.

The tools GITS use are always main stream tools, not some quirky tool that not many people know about or use. This ensures that if the client wishes to change developers in the future they will be able to easily find someone with the skills required to work on what has been developed for them. GITS typical tools are Microsoft Visual Studio for ASP .NET and .NET Solutions, programming mainly in C# utililising Microsoft SQL based storage technologies. GITS have developed consist of using technologies such as PHP, mySQL, JAVA, Flash and other mainstream development tools. In most cases we will not rely on many 3rd party components, preferring to code everything themselves to avoid redundancy issues.

software products

Online attendance system

Problem in monitoring the attendance of your employee? We have the solution. Online Attendance system is the solution for any kind of HR attendance problem. We provide solution to all the biometric attendance system where you have already biometric device or not. The system is the bridge between biometric device and user to generate required attendance related reports.

Key Features:
  • Department management

  • Office time management

  • Employee management

  • Public holidays management

  • Leave type management

  • Leave request management

  • Over time management

  • Training and deputation management

  •  Late and early approval management


  •  Daily attendance report

  • Staff wise monthly attendance report

  • Over time report

  • Late report

  • Leave report 

  • Leave closing

  • Training report

  • Secure Access Levels

Online Examination System

Online Exam offers everything you need to create & run a quiz, tests, and exams for your candidates. You can take tests on a daily/weekly basis and analyze learning the best way. We take all the pain out of exam management by handling the messy stuff automatically. Whether you have a small number or a hundred, we’ve got you covered. Even no more headache of copying answer and side talks in exam hall with the feature of instant question set generation for each examinee.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use for everyone
  • Faculty management
  • Chapter management
  • Question bank management
  • Exam setup with chapter wise question selectiong
  • Random question set for every examinee
  • Powerful Analysis
  • Comprehensive Online Exam Software In One Place
  • Create Exams Almost Anywhere


Hall Booking System

A Simple Solution To Complex Problems. Hall Booking makes it easy to manage bookings and customers in a unified tool set, while seamlessly integrating into popular services that empower your business. NO more need of paper works and manual work, just book it in booking system and generate different reports schedule as per your requirement. Make booking for tomorrow or next year no problem the system manage all the schedules. NO more need to remembering the availabilities, the system will manages all the availabilities.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Customer Accounts
  • Manage Availability
  • Customizable Booking Rule System
  • Secure Access Levels
  • Payment management
  • Booking List report View
  • Program Schedule Print